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– High quality CNC machined levers for sport bikes.
– Folding lever system to prevent lever breakage.
– Short lever arm for sport riding.
– Available in black and titanium anodized colors.


Clutch Lever Arm Ti-color Brake Lever Arm Ti-color
ZS61-2980 L3WA ZS61-1980 L3WA
ZS61-2990 L3WB ZS61-1990 L3WB
Clutch Lever Arm Black Brake Lever Arm Black
ZS61-2985 R3WA ZS61-1985 R3WA
ZS61-2995 R3WB ZS61-1995 R3WB
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2015.4.10 updated

BIKE Year Color Lever Type
Ti-color Black
CB1300SF 98-00 ZS61-1020 ZS61-1025 R3WA
CB1300SF/SB/ST 03-14 ZS61-1430 ZS61-1435 R3WA
CB400SF/SB ABS 08-13 ZS61-1020 ZS61-1025 R3WA
CB400SF/SB ABS 14 ZS61-1430 ZS61-1435 R3WA
CB400SF/SB 97-14 ZS61-1430 ZS61-1435 R3WA
CBR1100XX 97-06 ZS61-1020 ZS61-1025 R3WA
CBR1000RR 04-14 ZS61-1010 ZS61-1015 R3WB
CBR900RR 98-99 ZS61-1430 ZS61-1435 R3WA
CBR600RR 07-14 ZS61-1010 ZS61-1015 R3WB
CBR600F4/F4i 99-06 ZS61-1430 ZS61-1435 R3WA
CB1000R 11-14 ZS61-1010 ZS61-1015 R3WB
X-4 97-03 ZS61-1430 ZS61-1435 R3WA
X-11 99-00 ZS61-1020 ZS61-1025 R3WA
CB1100 10-13 ZS61-1430 ZS61-1435 R3WA
CB1000SF 92-97 ZS61-1430 ZS61-1435 R3WA
CB750 07-08 ZS61-1430 ZS61-1435 R3WA
VTR1000F 98-05 ZS61-1430 ZS61-1435 R3WA
VFR800 03-08 ZS61-1430 ZS61-1435 R3WA
VFR800F 14 ZS61-1430 ZS61-1435 R3WA
RVF400 94-96 ZS61-1430 ZS61-1435 R3WA
NSR250R 87-96 ZS61-1430 ZS61-1435 R3WA
HORNET900 02-07 ZS61-1430 ZS61-1435 R3WA
HORNET600 98-02 ZS61-1430 ZS61-1435 R3WA
HORNET250 96-07 ZS61-1430 ZS61-1435 R3WA
CB400SS 02-08 ZS61-1430 ZS61-1435 R3WA
VTR 98-14 ZS61-1430 ZS61-1435 R3WA
NC700S/X 12-14 ZS61-1430 ZS61-1435 R3WA
NC750S/X 14 ZS61-1430 ZS61-1435 R3WA
DN-01 08 ZS61-1430 ZS61-1435 R3WA
V-MAX 09-14 ZS61-1610 ZS61-1615 R3WB
MT-01 05-09 ZS61-1610 ZS61-1615 R3WB
MT-09 14-15 ZS61-1620 ZS61-1625 R3WA
MT-07 14-15 ZS61-1620 ZS61-1625 R3WA
YZF-R1 98-01 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
YZF-R1 04-14 ZS61-1610 ZS61-1615 R3WB
YZF-R6 05-14 ZS61-1610 ZS61-1615 R3WB
FZ-1/Fazer 06-14 ZS61-1620 ZS61-1625 R3WA
FZ-8 11-14 ZS61-1620 ZS61-1625 R3WA
FZ-6/Fazer 04-09 ZS61-1620 ZS61-1625 R3WA
FJR1300 01-02 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
FJR1300/A 03-15 ZS61-1620 ZS61-1625 R3WA
XJR1200/1300 94-15 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
XJR400/R/R II 93-07 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
TZR250R/RS/SP/SPR 90-95 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
XJ6 10-11 ZS61-1620 ZS61-1625 R3WA
XT1200Z TENERE 10-14 ZS61-1620 ZS61-1625 R3WA
TRX850 95-99 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
TDM850 97-01 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
TDM900 02-03 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
TDM900 04-09 ZS61-1620 ZS61-1625 R3WA
1400GTR/ABS 08-15 ZS61-1010 ZS61-1015 R3WB
ZX-12R 00-07 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
ZX-10R 06-15 ZS61-1010 ZS61-1015 R3WB
ZX-6R 07-15 ZS61-1010 ZS61-1015 R3WB
ZX-6R 02-04 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
ZX-14R 06-15 ZS61-1010 ZS61-1015 R3WB
ZZR1200 02-05 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
ZX-11 97-01 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
ZRX1100/1200/DAEG 97-15 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
Ninja1000 11-15 ZS61-1010 ZS61-1015 R3WB
Z750 04-05 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
Z750S 04-07 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
Z1000 03-06 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
Z1000 07-15 ZS61-1010 ZS61-1015 R3WB
ZEPHER750/1100/RS 92-06 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
GPZ900R 91-03 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
ZZR250/400 90-07 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
ZRX400/II 94-08 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
ZEPHERΧ 89-06 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
ZR-7S 99-05 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
Versys1000 12-14 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
Versys650 07-08 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
ER-6n/f 06-08 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
BALIUS/II 91-07 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
GSX1400 01-08 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
GSX1300R HAYABUSA 99-15 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
B-KING 07-09 ZS61-1410 ZS61-1415 R3WB
BANDIT1200/1250/S/F 01-15 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
GSF1200 95-97 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
INAZUMA1200 98-99 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
GS1200SS 01-02 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
GSX-R1100W 93-98 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
GSX-R1000 01-04 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
GSX-R1000 05-15 ZS61-1410 ZS61-1415 R3WB
GSX-R750 06-15 ZS61-1410 ZS61-1415 R3WB
GSX-R600 04-15 ZS61-1410 ZS61-1415 R3WB
V-STORM 1000 07-14 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
V-STORM 650/ABS 04-14 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
TL1000R 98-03 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
TL1000S 97-01 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
SV1000S 03-07 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
GSX400S KATANA 92 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
INAZUMA400 97-01 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
GLADIUS650/ABS 09-14 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
GLADIUS400/ABS 10-14 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
SV400/650/S 99-05 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
GSR400/600/ABS 06-14 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
GSR750ABS 13-15 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
GSX400 IMPULSE 94-07 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
BANDIT250/400/V 89-00 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
GSX250S KATANA 91-96 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
GOOSE250/350 92-00 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
RGV250 GANMA 88-95 ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA
1199 Panigale/S/Tricolore 12-14 ZS61-1810 ZS61-1815 R3WB
1199 Panigale R 13-14 ZS61-1810 ZS61-1815 R3WB
1198/1098/S/R 08-11 ZS61-1810 ZS61-1815 R3WB
999/S/R 03-07 ZS61-1810 ZS61-1815 R3WB
848/749/S/R/EVO/EVO Corse SE 03-13 ZS61-1810 ZS61-1815 R3WB
STREETFIGHTER/S 10-13 ZS61-1810 ZS61-1815 R3WB
STREETFIGHTER 848 12-14 ZS61-1810 ZS61-1815 R3WB
HYPERMOTARD1100/S/EVO 08-12 ZS61-1810 ZS61-1815 R3WB
MONSTER1100S/EVO 08-13 ZS61-1810 ZS61-1815 R3WB
MONSTER1200/S 14 ZS61-1810 ZS61-1815 R3WB
MONSTER S4R/S 06-08 ZS61-1810 ZS61-1815 R3WB
MULTISTRADA/S 10-14 ZS61-1810 ZS61-1815 R3WB
DIAVEL 11-14 ZS61-1810 ZS61-1815 R3WB
DIAVEL STRADA 13 ZS61-1810 ZS61-1815 R3WB
DIAVEL CARBON 12-14 ZS61-1810 ZS61-1815 R3WB
DIAVEL DARK 13 ZS61-1810 ZS61-1815 R3WB
S1000RR 10-15 ZS61-1410 ZS61-1415 R3WB
S1000R 14-15 ZS61-1410 ZS61-1415 R3WB
DAYTONA 675 06-09 ZS61-1410 ZS61-1415 R3WB
RC8 09-11 ZS61-1810 ZS61-1815 R3WB
990 SUPER DUKE 06-08 ZS61-1810 ZS61-1815 R3WB
NISSIN RS-TYPE ZS61-1440 ZS61-1445 R3WA


2015.4.10 updated

BIKE Year Color Lever Type
Ti-color Black
CB1300SF/SB/ST 98-14 ZS61-2020 ZS61-2025 L3WA
CB1000SF 92-97 ZS61-2020 ZS61-2025 L3WA
CB1100 10-14 ZS61-2020 ZS61-2025 L3WA
CBR1100XX 97-06 ZS61-2020 ZS61-2025 L3WA
CBR1000RR 04-07 ZS61-2020 ZS61-2025 L3WA
CBR1000RR 08-14 ZS61-2010 ZS61-2015 L3WA
CBR954RR 02-03 ZS61-2010 ZS61-2015 L3WA
CBR600RR 03-14 ZS61-2010 ZS61-2015 L3WA
CB1000R 11-14 ZS61-2020 ZS61-2025 L3WA
X-4 97-03 ZS61-2020 ZS61-2025 L3WA
VFR1200F 10-13 ZS61-2020 ZS61-2025 L3WA
VFR800 03-08 ZS61-2020 ZS61-2025 L3WA
VFR800F 14 ZS61-2020 ZS61-2025 L3WA
VTR1000F 98-05 ZS61-2020 ZS61-2025 L3WA
V-MAX 09-14 ZS61-2610 ZS61-2615 L3WA
MT-01 05-09 ZS61-2610 ZS61-2615 L3WA
MT-07 14-15 ZS61-2410 ZS61-2415 L3WA
MT-09 14-15 ZS61-2410 ZS61-2415 L3WA
YZF-R1 00-15 ZS61-2410 ZS61-2415 L3WA
YZF-R6 99-14 ZS61-2410 ZS61-2415 L3WA
FZ-1/Fazer 06-14 ZS61-2410 ZS61-2415 L3WA
FZ-8 11-14 ZS61-2410 ZS61-2415 L3WA
FZ-6/Fazer 04-09 ZS61-2410 ZS61-2415 L3WA
XJR1200/1300 94-15 ZS61-2610 ZS61-2615 L3WA
XJ6 10-11 ZS61-2410 ZS61-2415 L3WA
XT1200Z TENERE 10-14 ZS61-2610 ZS61-2615 L3WA
1400GTR 08-15 ZS61-2220 ZS61-2225 L3WB
ZX-12R 00-07 ZS61-2210 ZS61-2215 L3WA
ZX-10R 04-15 ZS61-2210 ZS61-2215 L3WA
ZX-9R 00-03 ZS61-2210 ZS61-2215 L3WA
ZX-7R 00-02 ZS61-2610 ZS61-2615 L3WA
ZX-6R 02-15 ZS61-2210 ZS61-2215 L3WA
ZX-14R 06-15 ZS61-2220 ZS61-2225 L3WB
ZZR1200 02-03 ZS61-2610 ZS61-2615 L3WA
ZX-11 97-01 ZS61-2610 ZS61-2615 L3WA
ZRX1100/1200DAEG 97-15 ZS61-2610 ZS61-2615 L3WA
Ninja1000 11-15 ZS61-2210 ZS61-2215 L3WA
Z1000 04-15 ZS61-2210 ZS61-2215 L3WA
Z750 07-08 ZS61-2210 ZS61-2215 L3WA
ZEPHER1100/RS 92-06 ZS61-2610 ZS61-2615 L3WA
GPZ900R 91-03 ZS61-2610 ZS61-2615 L3WA
Versys1000 12-14 ZS61-2210 ZS61-2215 L3WA
GSX1400 01-08 ZS61-2420 ZS61-2425 L3WA
GSX1300R HAYABUSA 99-15 ZS61-2420 ZS61-2425 L3WA
BANDIT1200/1250/S/F 01-15 ZS61-2420 ZS61-2425 L3WA
GSX-R1000 05-06 ZS61-2410 ZS61-2415 L3WA
GSX-R1000 07-08 ZS61-2420 ZS61-2425 L3WA
GSX-R1000 09-15 ZS61-2410 ZS61-2415 L3WA
GSX-R750 06-15 ZS61-2410 ZS61-2415 L3WA
GSX-R600 06-15 ZS61-2410 ZS61-2415 L3WA
GS1200SS 01-02 ZS61-2420 ZS61-2425 L3WA
V-STORM 1000 07-14 ZS61-2420 ZS61-2425 L3WA
SV1000S 03-07 ZS61-2420 ZS61-2425 L3WA
TL1000R 98-03 ZS61-2420 ZS61-2425 L3WA
1199 Panigale/S/Tricolore 12-14 ZS61-2810 ZS61-2815 L3WB
1199 Panigale R 13-14 ZS61-2810 ZS61-2815 L3WB
1198/1098/S/R 08-11 ZS61-2810 ZS61-2815 L3WB
999/S/R 03-07 ZS61-2810 ZS61-2815 L3WB
848/749/S/R/EVO/EVO Corse SE 03-13 ZS61-2810 ZS61-2815 L3WB
STREETFIGHTER/S 10-13 ZS61-2810 ZS61-2815 L3WB
STREETFIGHTER 848 12-14 ZS61-2810 ZS61-2815 L3WB
HYPERMOTARD1100/S/EVO 08-12 ZS61-2810 ZS61-2815 L3WB
MONSTER1100S/EVO 08-13 ZS61-2810 ZS61-2815 L3WB
MONSTER1200/S 14 ZS61-2810 ZS61-2815 L3WB
MONSTER S4R/S 06-08 ZS61-2810 ZS61-2815 L3WB
MULTISTRADA/S 10-14 ZS61-2810 ZS61-2815 L3WB
DIAVEL 11-14 ZS61-2810 ZS61-2815 L3WB
DIAVEL STRADA 13 ZS61-2810 ZS61-2815 L3WB
DIAVEL CARBON 12-14 ZS61-2810 ZS61-2815 L3WB
DIAVEL DARK 13 ZS61-2810 ZS61-2815 L3WB


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