pv02 (95)



– Durable steel wide foot pegs.
– Made of chromium molybdenum steel for extreme durability.
– 50mm step width provides better grip and control.
– Mid(Stock step height), High (5mm higher than stock peg position) and Low (5mm lower than stock peg position) are available for rider’s body type or use.
– Black chrome plate coating finish for less corrosion.

Height + 5mm

Higher center gravity than stock position for easy cornering.Good for shorter riders.
Low -5mm
Lower center gravity than stock position for better traction while standing.
Good to for taller riders.

Product Description


2014.12.4 update

Bike Year Low (-5) Mid High (+5)
CRF150R 07-15 D48-02-532 D48-02-632
CR125/250 02-07 D48-02-532 D48-02-632
CRF250R 04-15 D48-02-532 D48-02-632
CRF250X 04-15 D48-02-532 D48-02-632
CRF450R 02-15 D48-02-532 D48-02-632
XR/CRF50/70 00-14 D48-02-408 D48-02-508
CRF230 03-14 D48-02-503
CRF250L/M 12-14 D48-02-532 D48-02-632
XR250R 95-04 D48-02-524
SuperXR250/Baja 95-02 D48-02-524
XR250/MOTARD 03-07 D48-02-524
YZ85 02-15 D48-02-406 D48-02-506 D48-02-606
YZ125/250 99-15 D48-02-406 D48-02-506 D48-02-606
YZ250F-450F 99-15 D48-02-406 D48-02-506 D48-02-606
YZ250FX 15 D48-02-406 D48-02-506 D48-02-606
WR250F 01-15 D48-02-406 D48-02-506 D48-02-606
WR400F-450F 99-15 D48-02-406 D48-02-506 D48-02-606
WR250R / X* 07-15 D48-02-406 D48-02-506 D48-02-606
KLX110 02-15 D48-02-451 D48-02-551
KX65/80/85 98-15 D48-02-523
KX125-250 91-96 D48-02-526
KX250F/450F 09-15 D48-02-431 D48-02-531 D48-02-631
KLX125,D-TRACKER125 10-15 D48-02-507
KLX150S 09-13 D48-02-507
KDX220R/SR ALL D48-02-526
KDX250R/SR ALL D48-02-526
KLX250/300/D-Tracker -15 D48-02-522
RM85 02-13 D48-02-561
RM125/250 91-02 D48-02-521
RM-Z250 07-09 D48-02-504
10-15 D48-02-420 D48-02-520 D48-02-620
RM-Z450 08-09 D48-02-405 D48-02-505 D48-02-605
10 D48-02-420 D48-02-520 D48-02-620
12-15 D48-02-420 D48-02-520 D48-02-620
RMX450Z 10-15 D48-02-420 D48-02-520 D48-02-620
DR-Z50/70 08-13 D48-02-451 D48-02-551
RMX250R 89-99 D48-02-521
RMX250S 93-99 D48-02-521
DJEBEL250/250XC ALL D48-02-507
DR250/350S/R ALL D48-02-507
DR-Z400R/S/SM 00-14 D48-02-521
125-530 98-15 D48-02-410 D48-02-510 D48-02-610
950SUPER ENDURO ALL D48-02-410 D48-02-510 D48-02-610
990ADVENTURE ALL D48-02-410 D48-02-510 D48-02-610
WR125,TE250,SM250 07-09 D48-02-481 D48-02-581 D48-02-681
TC/TE/FC/FE 125-501 14 D48-02-410 D48-02-510 D48-02-610

* Optional spring will be required for WR250R/X
Wide Foot Peg Spring 2pcs (YZ/WR250F/450F’06-,YZ125/250’06-)